Berville sur Mer

Only twenty-five minutes from the port of Le Havre and just over an hour from Dieppe is the village of Berville sur Mer.

Berville is reputed to have once been part of the estate owned by William the Conquerors mother, opposite the cottages is the Church of St. Melain dating back to the 13th Century.
St Melain was the Bishop of Rennes, who died in 540AD.


The village is beautifully kept and villagers young and old offer a warm and friendly welcome.

Within five minutes walk there is a Tabac with a small selection of groceries, wines and beers as well as a bar and small coffee shop.

Closer still is a family owned restaurant providing good low cost food.

Walk through the forests and countryside along many of the pathways that have been in use for hundreds of years, cycling, fishing on the River Risle.  Or amble along the Siene Esplanade to the town of Honfleur for a glass or two of local cider or some of the multitude of wines on offer.

Local towns of Pont Audemer and Beuzeville provide the opportunity to visit typically French markets with their fine section of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, bread and wines as well as the sites and sounds of market day.


Honfleur: The Jewel of Normandy

The ancient port town of Honfleur houses some of the finest galleries, antique shops and restaurants supported by people who are friendly and welcoming.

It is the most outstanding preserved port in the area. The vieux basin in the centre of town is still a haven for yachtsmen, ocean going and river cruising alike. Its sea bound entrance is through the swing bridge governed by the Lieutenance, the home of the Kings Lieutenant dating from 1606.


Surrounding the harbour are five, six and seven story buildings dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. On the south side of the basin is the old prison, which was built circa 15th century and now houses a museum, which in turn, forms part of an area of cobbled walkways leading into a square where there are some interesting galleries and good restaurants.

In the main harbour the sea going fishing boats tie up, their catch gracing the tables of a fine collection of restaurants, many boasting Michelin stars. It is also possible to purchase fish on the quayside direct from the fishermen when they land their catch.


Art galleries abound, with works of art for all tastes. The town of Honfleur has always been a magnet for artists-Boudin was born here and had aspiring young pupil, now known as the famous Monet, he in turn worked alongside such other famous artists as Renoir and Cezane.

Throughout the summer a number or artists can be seen working in the town particularly around the harbour, selling their finished work to the visitors.

The composer Eric Satie also lived here and his home is now a museum situated on one of the cobbled streets that lead to the harbour. The tradition of music is carried on in town with the Marie forming an impressive backdrop for open air evening concerts and dancing displays throughout the summer.

From antiques and ancient buildings to colourful pavement tables and hanging bougainvillea, there is something outstanding at virtually every turn.
The wooden church of St Catherine is still as it was when built by local shipwrights dating from the second half of the 15th century to the beginning of the 16th century and is still as Monet painted it.


Ancient and modern buildings blend perfectly in the town and the colourful garden areas complemented by wonderful hanging baskets that are pleasing to the eye.

The Saturday market takes over the centre of the town and offers a good selection of locally grown food and home made products including, cheese, cider, wines, meat and pastries.

The town is surrounded by the beautiful Normandy countryside and is only 10km from the cottages at BervilleHA little onfleur: The Jewel of Normandy

A Little Further Afield

Local towns of Pont Audemer and Beuzeville provide the opportunity to visit typically French markets with their fine section of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, bread and wines as well as the sites and sounds of market day.


You are never far away from good food in France and there is a Michelin Star restaurant in the village of Conteville, which is less than ten minutes away and in the town of Beuzeville which is less than twenty minutes.

You can visit the Park naturel regional de Brotonne, half an hour away, or take the winding riverside road to the Abbeys at St Wandrill and Jumieges. The village of Saumone du Roc and its impressive views of the Seine in both directions is a short drive away.

The beautiful towns of Deauville and Trouville with their spotlessly clean sandy beaches are only short drive away through unspoilt countryside.

Golfers will be pleased to note that there are five golf courses nearby with St Gatien being only half an hour away, and for the cheese lovers you can always treat yourself to some Pont Leveque from a local shop, or from the town itself which is nearby.

Paris, Rouen, Bayeaux, Giverny with Monet’s gardens and the Beaches of Normandy with the imposing American WWII cemeteries are all accessible from Berville, with Paris being the furthest away at approx 2 1/5 hours.  All places you should try to visit while staying at Cherry Tree cottages, if not on this time then perhaps the next?